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    Utilitarian and ceremonial scaffolding used by Native Americans are the spiritual and structural form for much of my sculpture. During ceremonies Native Americans build scaffolds to hang the symbols of their beliefs, and in death, display the metaphors of events from their lives. Avant-garde art should be about avant-garde thought. Consequently, the symbols I hang on my sculptures are about an inflating universe, string dimensions, dimensional membranes, chaos, telos, uncertainty and complexity.

    Below you will see a sampling of my scaffolds. The most recent are at the California Scaffolds link.

Broken Spectrum    Chaos & Complexity   East River Camp

Mississippi Spirit Ship    Dance Alone Together     Other Examples

 Boken Spectrum

Broken Spectrum is an arbor like, walk through scaffold,

10 feet high X 7 feet wide X 1.5 feet deep

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 Chaos & Complexity

Chaos & Complexity,
110"h  x 96"w x 18"d is another arbor like, walk through scaffold,

9 feet high X 8 feet wide X 1.5 feet deep


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East River Camp

ERC is 14 feet wide, 9 feet deep and 12 feet high.


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Mississippi Spirit Ship 

The suspension below is 12' X 13' X 6' and is standing in the Mississippi River.

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Dance Alone Together 

These cast iron scaffolds are six to seven feet tall.


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