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Enlightened Technomorphism
by Arthur Videen

Enlightened Technomorphism is a sculpture that has evolved since 2001 when I made the original drawings and started fabrication of the aluminum tetrahedrons and cubes.

In 2002 I completed most of emblematic elements including a thirteen foot high, highly polished, stainless steel fountain, that supports 3/4's of the 40 foot long suspension.

Then in 2003, I was fortunate to receive a Jerome Foundation commission award for the Franconia Sculpture Park near Taylor Falls, Minnesota. That spring and summer, with a full time assistant and the park's interns, I completed the fountain entitled "Chaos; Telaos; Technomorphic". When I had finished, I could read the sculpture as a metaphor for the evolution of space/time and the universe. The picture below shows the work at that stage.

The sculpture opens from a single anomaly through the chaotic unfolding of the tetrahedron space fabric, into a gameboard of order held up by the telaos that is also the source of life. Powered by light through solar panels, "Technomorphic" could also be symbolic of the evolution of the major religions, enlightenment and thought itself.

Last year, 2006, the sculpture park moved to a permanent home and I was asked to move the fountain to the new location. My thoughts on how we need to make evolutionary changes if we don't want to remain a species ruled by wealth and brutality coincided with the opportunity to make changes in my sculpture. Although I only focused on how to make the art work look right, I can see now how by removing the solar panels I am reflecting the belief that we can not live isolated off the grid. Now the loops of space and time cross a new enlightened gameboard, and evolves upward into a enlightened chaos.

I feel as though I have left off one small element that will be included when I permanently install, "Enlightened Technomorphism."